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A Mima’s Story of a Beach Maternity Photography Session | Modesto Family Photographer

A little bit about my personal experience.

One of the most beautiful experiences you’ll have will be when you’re expecting a child.   I remember feeling a flutter in my belly; the first kick and dreaming of my baby’s arrival.  My husband and I were so excited! I dreamt of holding them in my arms for the first time.  Listening to their first laugh and seeing them take their first step.  It has been a true blessing to give life to two daughters who brought an immense joy and love into our lives.

When I was expecting my body went through so many changes and I wish I had the opportunity to have a part of my pregnancy captured.  That is why I absolutely encourage you to capture moments throughout your pregnancy.  It is such an important milestone to celebrate and an unforgettable moment in your life.

And guess what??  When you become a grandparent you get to experience it all over again (minus the labor pains)!!  The beautiful thing is that you get to relive so many memories of your own children through theirs.

When we found out our daughter was expecting grand baby number two; we were overjoyed!!  We had documented her first pregnancy and the birth of our first granddaughter, so I knew I wanted to do the same for all our grandchildren.

Let’s talk a bit about her beach maternity photography pre-session planning

We talked about wardrobe months in advance and started looking at options.  She’s very creative and enjoys sewing and shared she wanted to make a two piece cream color dress for her maternity session.  I watched her work diligently to make herself a dress.  When she finally finished it, her eyes lit up with excitement!  As she tried it on and swooshed her dress, she reminded me of when she was a little girl. Our little girl is now a mother (letting out a big sigh). It is a moment I will hold dear to my heart.  A sweet photographer friend of mine Ashley, Shining Light Family Photographer, let her borrow a beautiful two piece lace dress. My daughter looked gorgeous!  I had purchased a free people dress from a photographer’s de-stash that I also wanted her to wear.  The color was lovely and the dress was flowy and comfy. The importance is that she felt beautiful and the dress was both comfortable and flattering.

We had originally talked about going to one of our favorite places in the mountains, but one week before her session there was a storm that hit the area, so we decided to go scout it to see what it looked like.  As we expected, there was snow and it was too cold to include a 16 month old in the shoot.  We then decided to go to the beach in Point Reyes, Ca; which is two and half hours away from where we live.  We hadn’t been to the beach in a while and it would be our first granddaughter’s very first time going!! We were all excited!

It’s Beach Day!! 

The day came and we got all the wardrobe and loaded it up in the car.  We made sure to take water and some snacks as it would be a long day for us.  When we arrived there were so many visitors and we had to work with the crowd. This happens often, but it’s not a big deal.  I decided to go off to the side and get some different angles. We continued to the second location which was less crowded and were able to enjoy the beach before the sunlight got pretty.  My heart melts every time I recall seeing how much fun my granddaughter had.  Her tiny little feet running in the sand is priceless!!  The sun started to set and it was go time!!  I continued to shoot into blue hour and so glad I did.  The light was perfect and there was a sense of peace listening to the waves.  As we began to walk back to the car I could hear the joyful laughter coming from my granddaughter and we were all so happy.  A beach day in the summer will be calendared soon!

My tips for maternity sessions and what to expect if you book with me as your Modesto Family Photographer:

Try to book your session at least three months or more in advance so that you have plenty of time to prepare and not feel overwhelmed or rushed.  

I encourage you to plan on a second outfit, so that you end up with a variety of images and why not make your session extra special?

Bring water, snacks, comfy shoes and a sweater or blanket (just in case it gets chilly).

If you book a session with me; the very first thing I will do is schedule a phone interview with you to hear about what you’re dreaming of me capturing.  We’ll talk about wardrobe and location; both are so important as they complement each other.   We will also talk about sunrise and sunset so that you can pick which time works best for you.   I provide assistance with styling; my goal is for you to find something you feel beautiful in.

Ready to book and create unforgettable memories?  Let’s connect!!

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